1. Maximum Commissions

The sales associates of REMAX enjoy the biggest commissions in the market, obtaining up to 50% of the commission gained.

2. Maximum Training

All sales associates REMAX real estate net are fully trained. Since consistent performance implies constant training, Sales Associates receive up to date training from award winning Sales Associates and Coaches. Also, weekly seminars and REMAX University Worldwide training programmes from international coaches administer the benefits of learning from best.

3. Maximum Support Services

You work for yourself but not By Yourself! We support you with services based on REMAX International high standards. You don’t need to invest/ rent an office or employ staff as REMAX gives you all office facilities, sales support, administration team, professional online programs, marketing aids and techniques.

4. Maximum Technology

The REMAX online service tools assist REMAX Associates in efficiently serving their customers. The REMAX Customer Service App enables Associates to manage their leads from anywhere, while away from the office, thus enabling them to share listing information, ideas, referrals, strategies and marketing with the touch of a button. REMAX MaxMatch will also match your prospective buyers with sellers and assist you in follow ups and promotion to close the deal!

5. Maximum Branding

REMAX is the No.1 Real Estate franchise in the world. Why work to beat down doors when a franchise brand like REMAX can open them for you? When you become a REMAX Sales Associate, you come under our balloon, and that alone affords you more opportunities than you can imagine.

6. Maximum Personal Promotion

In REMAX everyone knows you! We help to promote you and to gain personal recognition in the market and gain maximum commissions.

7. Maximum Development

REMAX has no limits! With a global network of more than 106.000 associates in more than 100 countries, your personal success depends only on you. Maximize your limits, your ability and your will to work. Join our successful team and be one of the winners.

***Only full time Applicants can be considered.

To discuss your Career with RE/MAX, contact us at 8000 7000.

The perfect opportunity to understand how a real estate career can change your life!