About RE/MAX

RE/MAX shows you how to be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

At RE/MAX we respect that you are the expert in your market, and we respect that. That's why it's up to you to determine how to handle your own compensation plans, marketing and business operations.

Our role? RE/MAX is here to provide you with the RE/MAX principles that solve the typical Real Estate agency issues and thus help you be 100% productive and achieve more sales and faster. For this RE/MAX will provide you with the leading-edge tools to attract and recruit the top performing real estate agents in your market. That's the driving force behind everything we do and provide for our Broker/Owners.

Here are a few of those tools:

  1. Global brand name awareness
  2. Extensive advertising
  3. On-demand education
  4. A global referral network
  5. Powerful lead-generation tools
  6. Leading-edge technology
  7. Cause-marketing initiatives

    Keeping You Ahead of the Competition

    Why work to beat down doors when a franchise brand like RE/MAX can open them for you? The RE/MAX brand is likely your most effective recruiting tool for agents, just as it's their most effective tool when selling homes. Once your agents see how their customers respond to the brand, why would they want to be affiliated with anyone else?

    An ideal RE/MAX franchise owner is a top performer.

    Whether you’ve already been identified as a candidate or you’ve chosen to explore the opportunity on your own, there’s a reason: You’re a top performer and you gravitate toward other top performers. A top performer in his or her market, with:

    • An entrepreneurial spirit
    • A desire to mentor and help other agents
    • Drive, passion and a relentless desire to succeed
    • The ability to invest in his or her future

    One of the most important parts of the franchise exploration process is the opportunity to speak to other RE/MAX Broker/Owners. Listening to firsthand experiences with the brand can be very helpful for you in your decision-making process.