Investment Properties OFFERING RENTAL RETURN


Cyprus has proved to be a popular destination for foreigners and especially for the purchase of real estate for a plethora of reasons.

Cyprus is today the South-eastern outpost of the European Union, situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the crossroads of three continents and close to the busy trade routes linking Western Europe with the Arab World and the Far East. The geographical position of Cyprus and the entrepreneurial spirit of Cypriots contributed significantly to establishing it as a business centre. Despite the global economic recession, the island prides itself today for its quick recovery from the economic downturn and shows very positive economic projections. The fact that over 45,000 international business companies use Cyprus as a base for their operations more than evidences that Cyprus is now established as a modern and flexible business and services centre in the Mediterranean and South-east Europe, while at the same time exhibiting the conducive business climate that exists in the country.

Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

  • STRATEGIC LOCATION at the crossroads of three continents, providing an ideal base for expansion into new markets.
  • MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION serving as Europe’s Middle Eastern outpost and a gateway for the movement of goods inside and outside the European orders.
  • FAVOURABLE TAXATION including 12,5% corporation tax, and low personal income tax.
  • A PROSPEROUS AND RESILIENT ECONOMY enjoying long-term stability and growth.
  • LIBERAL FDI POLICY allowing 100% participation in almost all sectors of the economy.
  • SKILLED WORKFORCE highly qualified and multilingual with one of the highest percentage of university degree holders in the world.
  • DOUBLE TAX TREATIES with over 40 countries.
  • BILATERAL INVESTMENT agreements with 19 countries.
  • EXCELLENT INFRASTRUCTURE providing easy access by air and sea, and serving as an important telecommunications hub in the region.
  • LOW SET UP AND OPERATING COSTS including rental costs, salaries and social insurance contribution.
  • SIMPLIFIED ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES for acquiring necessary permits - company registration may be completed within 4 days.
  • TOP CLASS SERVICES Efficient legal, accounting and banking services.
  • RESIDENCE PERMIT – Non-EU citizens purchasing immovable property in Cyprus to the value of €300,000, (subject to certain requirements), will be granted permanent residency through a special immigration visa.
  • A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE and work with a pleasant climate, agreeable topography, high standard of living, and one of the lowest crime rates within the European Union.