Property Management - Overview of Services

It is our pleasure to announce that RE/MAX Dealmakers is providing Property Management Services to its clients, and endeavours to manage properties to the highest possible standard.  The services provided are ideal for both our foreign and local clientele. RE/MAX undertakes the maintenance of all internal & external maintenance such as communal cleaning, garden & pool area maintenance (where applicable) as well as the acquisition of suitable tenants, payment of communal utility bills, collection of rents, maintenance fees and administration.

In addition to these, we offer additional property management services requested to give Owners peace of mind in knowing that their property is being maintained and monitored in their absence.

Property Management Services

RE/MAX Property Management services includes the following services:

  • Assessing and finding suitable tenants
  • Preparing rental contracts
  • Collecting down-payment and monthly rents
  • Depositing rents in the owner’s bank account
  • Record keeping of the tenants and their rental payments
  • Repairing and maintenance work
  • Payments for all expenses/ taxes that the owner must pay
  • Constant communication with owners on all outstanding issues

 Renting Your Property

Your property will be listed on our RE/MAX website and promoted online and offline.  Any potential tenants will be assessed beforehand and then accompanied by a member of our experienced staff to the property.  Upon successful viewing the legal documentation will be prepared by RE/MAX. 

Tenant Management Services

Once a property is rented on a long-term basis, RE/MAX will oversee the property, whilst the tenant is staying in the property.  RE/MAX will be the first point of contact for any issues regarding the property for both the tenant & the owner.  Some services are:

  • Key holders of the property
  • Point of contact for tenant & the owner
  • Liaison with technicians for any repairs or maintenance work that needs to be carried out
  • Collection of monthly rent & payment to the owner
  • Inspection of the property once it’s vacated by the tenant and the owner will be informed of the status of the property
  • A pre rental clean as well as a post rental clean can be arranged upon request.

Additional Property Management Services

These monthly services are popular for owners who are abroad & will require the property to be maintained & monitored in their absence.  Some services include:

  • Security check                                     
  • Post collection
  • Damp & leak check
  • Technical check of electrics
  • Cleaning of the apartment upon request
  • Pool and garden maintenance services
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture replacement

Refurbishment & Repairs

It is difficult for Owners to arrange any refurbishing or repairs that need to be carried out within the Owner’s Property. RE/MAX will undertake to liaise with the relevant technicians. 
Clients will be informed of the costs prior to the works being carried out. We now look forward to meeting and welcoming new clients to help manage their property or properties.
Let RE/MAX, with an outstanding global reputation of 45 years in serving clients, take care of all of your property management needs.