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5 Tips Fixing Your Home For Sale

Nowadays sellers are used to the idea that minor home repairs will have to be made if they want their property to sell – the competition is simply too fierce, and buyers want the best. There are things to be put into storage,
the constant cleaning, trying to view your home through the eyes of a buyer and analyzing it from every angle. 

What deserves your attention and what can you afford to ignore?
We are going to show you five areas you should address when getting your property ready for market.

    1. Structural

    Starting with the basics, the structure and features of the building or apartment are the first considerations in a buyer’s mind. In most cases it will not be necessary to give the structural and mechanical aspects of your property a full make over, but if any of the big-ticket items such as water, electrics, windows, walls, flooring, or heating are a risk – it’s time to get them fixed.
    Having a fully functioning property and having receipts to show any previous or recent work will go a long way to building trust with potential buyers and increase the chances of the deal going all the way.

    2. Cosmetic

    Buyers are looking for a clean, modern, and above all secure interior environment. Clean it, paint it, repair it, do whatever it takes to make sure buyers feel happy with it. Also, do not forget to remove any current
    resident names or door hangings for the duration of the viewing. It is worth taking the time or getting a decorator in to give each room a fresh coat of paint.

    Cast an eye over your light fixtures, fans, and light switches. These are relatively cheap to update for the purposes of a sale and could make all the difference. Make sure they also adhere to a neutral look and feel with a simple, clean design.

    3. Kitchen

    The kitchen has been the heart of the home for generations, and for most buyers it is the deal breaker. To confuse matters not all buyers want the same thing from a room which has so much expectation put onto it. Here is what you need to do to give your humble kitchen a fighting chance.

    Firstly, updating your cabinets to a modern and practical design will go a long way to creating a good feeling in the space. Make sure there are as many clean and clear surfaces as possible. Also, it is important to update your appliances.

    4. Bathroom

    Buyers want three things in general: cleanliness, space, and everything to work. If you cannot improve on the size of your bathroom, you can at least remove any grout on the tiles, update the tap and shower head fixtures, make the room seem brighter with fresh paint and mirrors, and replace any cracked tiles. Make sure any plumbing or heating issues are resolved before the viewings start.

    5. Flooring

    Improving the flooring of your property can add value and increase sentiment in the minds of your potential buyers. If you can only afford to make one major change to your home. Laminate flooring is the easiest way to improve the look and feel of your floors. New flooring can totally transform the look of your space and give it the x-factor buyers are looking for.


    Getting a home ready for sale, knowing how to stage it for today’s competitive market, marketing the listing to the right buyers, and qualifying those buyers is a lot for even the most self-reliant of people to take on. That is why hiring a RE/MAX Agent is your one-stop shop for selling your home. 

    Our agents provide an end-to-end service, from listing your property and pre-qualifying buyers, to recommending moving professionals and following-up after your move in date. 
    RE/MAX Agents also use the latest in 360-degree digital photography and video tours and intense marketing, making it easier to expose the property to the local market and even globally.

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