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What Inspires you?

Remember why you’re running your business in the first place!

We’re inspired to work for different reasons, different goals that motivate us throughout the day. But these are also the easiest things to lose sight of, the first to slip away when we’re flooded with tasks to complete and meetings to schedule.

Summing up the key Take-Aways:

We All Have Different Motivations

Though it’s easy to assume everyone goes to work for the same reasons – whether that’s money, success, or the fun of a good challenge – the truth is we have different goals for work that are unique to each of us. What inspires you? There’s no one right answer to the question, so it’s an especially important one to ask yourself.

It Helps to Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Focusing on your motivation bats away distractions and recovers your flagging energy. And it can help change your perspective almost immediately, shifting gears in the moment from aimlessness to contentment and sharp determination.

You Can’t Just Remember Once
Inspiration isn’t a perpetual cure-all – like the burst of energy you get from a good workout, it’s something you must go back to again and again to keep up the positive vibes.

Here are some simple ways you can stay inspired and focused on the task at hand:

1) Find Your Personal Inspiration

We know that everyone’s motivation is unique, so an important first step is to identify yours. Instead of presuming you know why you go to your job every day, give yourself a minute to consider what you personally hope to get from it. The answer may surprise you!

2) Take a “You” Break

We take breaks all the time for meals, drinks, or just a little stretch, but what about time to reset your mental space? A quick few minutes of meditation can clear your mind and a great thing to focus on is your personal motivation. Visualize those goals and let them settle the frenzy of the workday!

3) Reveal in Each Day's Success

A common misconception is that our goals for work are far off in the distance. But your inspiration for work is likely something smaller and more attainable. If your goal is financial security, you can celebrate on pay day, not just when you retire. If you’re looking for the satisfaction of solving problems, there’s a whole host of those to tackle before lunch!

Whatever it may be, you can find little moments that remind you why you’re here every day.

If you want to find out what inspires us to give our best every day, get in touch and I will be happy to show you the RE/MAX spirit. Be warned, our motivation is contagious